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miss_bunns [userpic]

5 Years Later

May 26th, 2016 (06:19 pm)

Well so much has changed! I guess in my last entry I was packing up my things and getting ready to leave Victoria for California. So December 1st, 2011 I flew to LAX and Diego picked me up at the airport with two overweight bags in tow. I shipped my wedding dress and computer and it was already waiting for me at Diego's parents place.

February 12, 2012, Diego and I got married at the Culver City Events Center - a mission style venue with a small chapel in the back. All the important people were there. My mom, grandma, aunt and a few cousins. A couple of Diego's friends came and the rest of Diego's family made up the rest of the guest list. All in all I'd say about 60 people showed. The ceremony was short and simple. I couldn't stop smiling my cheeks were starting to hurt and the corners of my lips were quivering. We did our grand entrance, ate food, and danced until midnight. The wedding night was awesome. We said goodbye to our guests and then went to our hotel. We got out of our wedding clothes and went to McDonald's because we honestly didn't eat much at the reception.

June 2012, Diego got an awesome job at Ekko Media and we looked for an apartment with his best friend, Derek. We moved into what was Archstone Apartments in Mid July of that year. A week later we made friend's with our neighbor Nicole who at the time rescued stray kittens. We took in one of her first - a black short haired cat we named Marceline.  We had a lot of fun at that apartment. I remember grilling on the patio, drinking beer, the crappy AC unit and good music. We lived with Derek for 3 years. Good times were had there.

July 2015, Diego and I signed the lease for our own one bedroom apartment. Just me, Diego and the cat. It's an old apartment with somewhat better AC even though the unit is from the 80's. It must have something to do with not having vaulted ceilings. We've got a huge patio that we can grill charcoal on. There's dirt around the cement slab that I planted ice plants in. Time really has flown because it feels like we just moved here a month ago.

Things are awesome here. Honestly, moving to Socal away from my family and friends and everything that was familiar to me was a struggle. Getting my residence here was long and painful. I was so inactive for a time I put on weight and it really took a toll on my self esteem. But now I've adjusted and I've made friends. I'm starting to find the new me and I can't wait to write about it in this journal. 

miss_bunns [userpic]


November 14th, 2011 (04:28 pm)

I didnt realize that the wedding was coming up so fast until I looked at an online countdown I had made months ago. I will be getting married in 96 days from today. That's so soon! I have so much to plan and get sorted out.

First and foremost, I need an officiant. He's the guy who says "Do you take so and such to be your beloved husband?" etc etc.. I need him and truthfully I should've gotten an officiant like 3 months ago according to my wedding planning journal that I haven't really been using at all.

I need to get my flowers I dont know how much time I should leave before the wedding for those. All I know is that I want white anemones and ivory roses.  Might cost me quite a bit. But all I REALLY need for live flowers are a bouquet for me and a bouquet for my MOH and a couple boutonnieres.

I need to alter my dress still. I mean.. it pretty much fits like a glove. I just need to put in a bustle so that I can work it on the dance floor.

I need to make the centerpieces. That's something Im going to do with Diego's mom. It'll be a fun thing to do to bond with my future mother in law. Also it'll give me something to do so I won't be so bored while Diego's at school or work. He won't be at school for long when Im down there actually. He graduates in the first week of December and Im so excited that I'll make it there in time to see it. Also Im not going to be able to work for a while since I only have a fiance visa.

I really want to stay in a hotel the night we get married so I have to call a couple places and get a place to stay for us. That's easy.

OH RIGHT! The cake! Apparently we have to taste cakes. I kind of think it's important.. I mean, we know what kind of cake we want. I just feel like I need to taste it to see if it has the right flavour for the spices, there isnt too much frosting, and most important of all to me.. that its MOIST.

That's about it really. Oh and as for my apartment and moving out. I still have a bunch of stuff to organize but I've been too lazy to do so. I have  a bunch of stuff to get rid of.. like everything really. Pots, pans, kitchen stuff, desk, chair, dresser, TV, garbage cans. Anyone need any stuff? Haha.

miss_bunns [userpic]


July 12th, 2011 (11:50 am)

current location: Canada, Victoria
current mood: crazy
current song: MGMT

Im feeling like my memory isn't as good as it used to be only 2 years ago. Im not sure why or how and Im only 22. But I used to have the most amazing memory where I could remember the smallest details. But now I feel like maybe I should start writing these things down and now that I have this idea the only question left is should it be on paper or online? If I started writing on paper I could write anywhere.. when I get an andriod, I could write anywhere too.. but it would more.. taxing. Tiring.

I got a new job like almost 4 weeks ago. It's really great. I like the people I work with. I know they think Im weird... everyone else has thought Im weird my whole life, I just dont know why it bothers me now. I guess because inside Im sort of hoping that at least one of them will want to spend time with me outside of work. I feel lonely in Victoria.. and no it's not just because Diego left last night. I've been feeling lonely even before he got here.

Anyways. Im a cashier there and I also do a lot of prep work. I guess the only problem Im having with work is that apparently my receipts are hard to read. They can't be that hard to read if whenever I get preoccupied with something else at work and someone else takes and order,  I come back and then they ask me what it says.. I just have to say, "It wasnt me. I dont know.". I think we're getting a computer system eventually and from there it'll be much more easy.

So anyways. Diego was here. He got here 3 weeks ago and was only going to stay for 2 weeks, but I really wanted him to stay longer.. so he did. Which was great and totally worth the extra money spent to have him extend his trip. Unfortunately I had to work most of the time he was here, but that didnt stop us from doing things. Pretty much all we did was walk around town, eat some good food. He got to meet my maid of honour. He met my dad, they ( my uncle, cousin, and dad) gave us a surprise congratulatory cake for our engagement. That was really great by the way; no one has really done something like that for our engagement yet, so it means A LOT to me. It shows that someone actually really cares and is excited for us.

We went downtown for fireworks on Canada Day. We went to bars, and pubs and a club. We had fun on the 4th with my cousin, his girlfriend, and my good friend Cheryl going to a bar and a club, came home and had some more fun.. and next thing I know, a bromance started between my cousin and Diego, and now my cousin is going to Diego's groomsmen, which means I gotta find a bridesmaid.

I was kind of hoping Alisha would be my bridesmaid.. I feel really bad that I asked her to step down as a maid of honour. I just felt like the position might have been too much for her or something, but as a bridesmaid, I think she can do it because Im not asking her for AS much. She just needs to help my maid of honour help me.

Alisha means a lot to me, she's been one of my good friends for a long time and we get along so well. This is gonna sound weird, but I really miss her. I don't really get to see her as much as I'd like to. I love her so much because we can have so much fun together from doing the smallest things. We don't need loads of cash to have a good time. I've never really felt this way about any of my friends, but I just care about her so much.

Alisha, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that I am SO sorry for hurting you. I really dont want to hurt you, I care about you so much and I just wish we could be closer. I feel like maybe in some small way I've been pushing you away and I really dont mean to.

miss_bunns [userpic]

Writer's Block: See you on the dark side

May 2nd, 2011 (07:28 pm)

If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?

Maybe. It really depends on if they figured that who time thing. Like if its going to take me years to get there, then no. But if it takes only a couple days to get there, then SURE! :D

I couldn't stand to be away from home for too long.

miss_bunns [userpic]

Dads and Moms

April 14th, 2011 (09:40 am)

current location: Victoria, BC
current mood: blank
current song: Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2

Why oh why don't I have regular parents? I guess Im not allowed. A couple weeks ago, my dad got out of jail and wanted to have dinner with me. First let me tell you that I havent seen or heard from my dad in 2 and a half years - but only because I didn't want to see him. IT was the most annoying night of my life probably. He kept bragging about all the criminal activities he can do and all the young women MY AGE that he hooks up with and all this bullshit about beating people up and it was like hanging out with a guy who just turned the legal drinking age. It was so obbnoxious and now he wants to see me again and I havent been texting him back. I suppose I should. But first I need to talk to my brother to see if he's talked to my dad about how I don't like the way my dad talks.

I went to the mainland on Saturday to see friends and family. It was good. I got to see my friend Jasmine, whom I've known since the third grade. We had Burger King and she talked to me about her new found passion - pole dancing. It's funny though 'cause I've been thinking about giving it a try for a while, so she gave me her old pole because she's getting a new one. So hopefully this thing is decent quality that I can do swings and stuff on it. I stayed with, my maid of honour, Christine and her husband Tim. We watched looots of movies and went across the border to Bellingham to shop and I came back with some really cute wedges.

Then I decided to call my mom and it turns out she wasn't doing so good. She was all paranoid and she was saying things that made no sense at all. She told me that my grandma was on her way to pick her up and take her to my grandma's. So I decided to run over to her apartment to see if she was ok, but by the time I got there, she wasnt home.

The next day I went to my grandma's for the night with my mom and she seemed ok. It's just when we're at her apartment she's all paranoid and thinks that someone is going to break into her house and steal her things. She also moves things around from drawer to drawer a lot. Changes her clothes FREQUENTLY.. like.. for no reason whatsoever. She's constantly going and doesn't stop. So my grandma, my mom and I went to my mom's doctor and found out she has to go to the hospital over night for readjustment and observation of her actions to see what new prescription she needs. Hopefully we find something good comes from this. I was really worried about her - still am.

PS - Getting my dress either today or tomorrow. :D

miss_bunns [userpic]

What is the difference between...?

March 7th, 2011 (04:46 pm)

current location: Victoria, BC
current mood: sick
current song: Florence + the Machine

So I have a pretty bad cold. I took some medication for it maybe 3 hours ago and its helping me FEEL better but Im not entirely sure if it is actually MAKING me better. But I started to wonder that since this is one of the worst cold's I've had to memory - could it possibly be a flu? Well. I decided to google, "What's the difference between a cold and the flu?" and one of the first things that have up before typing in "a cold and the flu", "What's the difference between peanut butter and jam?" came up.

Seriously? Well. Ok. I'll answer you're question here because I figure the answer is quite evident. But since its on google as one of the top searches.. I thought I'd better clear up the mystery without researching or googling anything else. This is what I feel the difference between peanut butter and jam is.. or jelly. By the way, jam is a spread that is boiled with sugar and partially crushed whereas, in my opinion, jelly is usually a clearer spread that is completely crushed and blended. My favourite jam is strawberry because the seeds don't get stuck in my teeth, second to strawberry is blueberry.

Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.


Peanut butter is a thick, non see through, salty spread that is best (for your health) crushed only as PEANUTS. Nothing else. But if you dont mind sacrificing your health a little for healthy food, I love Jif peanut butter where the second ingredient is probably sugar. Peanut butter is made from nuts and nuts are nuts.

Jam or jelly will let the light in. It is boiled until soft and until the sugar melts. It's sweet and commonly made from berries and/or fruit. Not.. nuts.

Tada! The difference between peanut butter and jam/jelly.

Other than getting sidetracked, I did a minor amount of researching the flu when really I should know this information since I had to make a pamphlet in Science 10 on "influenza". I dont think I have the flu because I dont think that what I have is potentially deadly and I dont think I need to be hospitalized. I have a runny nose, a head ache, achy body, sensitive to the touch, and of course.. my throat hurts but Im assuming that's because I keep sniffing.

miss_bunns [userpic]

First Month of Planning

February 9th, 2011 (05:24 pm)
current location: Victoria, BC
current mood: accomplished
current song: Gogol Bordello

Well. I've been planning the wedding for about a month now. I thought I had all my plans, but they're being twisted around and changing unexpectedly. Like the date for instance went from January 20th, to the 23rd, and now possibly February 18th of 2012. We've decided to have the wedding on a Saturday for guest's convenience and now we need an extra month to allow time for the fiance visa.

Last time I wrote in here, I said that the wedding planning book has become something I'm constantly turning to and reading. Well, I actually havent read it since I got back. Its collecting dust at the moment because I think maybe that I have everything figured out. I'll start checking things off the list in a couple months I think.

I went looking for dresses in two different stores and fell in love with a dress at the second store. I tried it on thinking it was only $900 and the lady at the store even said she thought it was $900. Well, of course, I try it on, fall in love with it and find out that it's actually $1300. Good thing I have people who got my back. So I try on this dress, my friend Corrine tells me she's getting goosebumps seeing me in it and as Im looking at myself in the mirror, Im getting the exact same feeling I got when Diego proposed to me. It must be a sign! Later that week Im putting a deposit on it. The dress comes in June sometime. That's great! I have plenty of time. Im so excited.

Other than that. There's not much else going on in my life besides work, sleep, hanging out with friends. I cleaned my apartment today which is insignificant to some, but to me, it's kind of shocking. I dont really do top to bottom cleans very often mostly because I clean day by day. I clean my kitchen after I cook, and I clean my bathroom weekly.

Stay tuned friends!

miss_bunns [userpic]


December 26th, 2010 (12:33 pm)

current location: Rialto, California
current mood: crazy

Holy crap! Im engaged and it's completely blowing my MIND.

How did it start? Well. Diego and I went to Disneyland and the guy was so nice when Diego couldn't find which pocket he has the money in, the guy gave us free parking.

We went on a lot of rides before lunch even because it was raining and there weren't that many people in the park. By noon, we went into the Blue Bayou for lunch which is this really nice looking place indoors that looks like you're outside at night time in a cafe in New Orleans. We've always wanted to go here! It thought about that and made chit chat. We ate our food which was DELICIOUS by the way. So good. I have the island chicken and he had the monte cristo sandwich that was actually nothing short of amazing, especially with that yummy blueberry dip.

The waiter came by to ask us to think about dessert. Then without even ordering any, he came back with creme brulee topped with berries and mint leaves and two roses on a silver platter. On top of those roses... a ring. I hyperventilated, lost all control of my brain and then said "I think Im going to shit myself."

Really Christine? Really?

Diego picked up the ring leaning in as he nervously took my right hand and asked, "Will you marry me?".  I said yes a bunch of times and told him to put it on the left hand, then proceeded with a couple more yeses and "OMG's". We were engaged. I was flushed and I dont know what else. But at that point I was as light as air. I couldn't eat the dessert because of the combination of excitement and our huge lunch. We sat there for a bit and soaked everything in and then strolled around the rest of the park. We got a free pin too that says "Just Engaged" and managed to use it as a fast pass on Space Mountain.

It was almost exhausting saying "Thank you" to everyone who said "Congratulations you guys!" on account of our pins.

I feel so incredible right now. This whole thing is blowing my mind and at the same time, kind of stressing me out. So I got a wedding planning book which definitely helps. I just feel so stupid saying "Umm.. what does the book say?" when I dont know what to do next for the wedding. Or "Well, the book says this." This damn book just might make me crazy! I dont want to be one of those crazy people only going by what the book says because "thats the way it has to be."

On another note I feel lucky that we already came up with a date and Im started my half of the guest list. Which is.. growing. Im not surprised there. I just dont know that these people are serious since they will have to fly to Los Angeles and book a hotel to see me get married!

I've also entered the Davids Bridal win a dress contest. I hope I win even though the dress I entered is only.. $600. That's really good. It would just be nice to have one less thing to save up for or worry about.

So we're getting married January 20th, 2012. Next step I think is to apply for my fiancee visa.

Wish me luck!

miss_bunns [userpic]

Writer's Block: Amazing stories are for sharing.

November 1st, 2010 (09:03 pm)
current mood: awake

When you experience something great or amazing, who's the first person you want to share it with?

My boyfriend! Diego is my everything and I really want to be able to do everything with him and that included telling him everything I've done and everything exciting or interesting that has happened. He even says that he likes it when I tell him about everything! So yaaaay! Diego's such a good listener. I miss him. :C

miss_bunns [userpic]

Decisions... Decisions..

October 26th, 2010 (09:26 pm)

So I've been thinking about careers a little more and I've asked people what they think this time because sometimes I feel like we dont see things as other people do or that people see things that we might not and keep it to themselves when it could be something REALLY important!

So. I ruled out Optomologist because I cant work SOLEY because its good money.. I know I want to make $100k +.. who doesnt. But lets face it. Thats the only reason why I would want to do that.

Im thinking that Child Protection Worker is a little too hard on my soft heart. I think I would want to die everyday if I saw children going through the harsh lifestyles that they do. I mean Ive had a pretty rough childhood and I feel like I could help because I can relate. But I just havent had a rough enough child hood to not look at that sort of thing and not be devastated everytime. Unfortunately, I have to be selfish with my decision and choose my happiness once again.

I dont want to be a photographer full time. I shot a wedding once. That was last month. Dont get me wrong, it was a lot of fun! But it's just not worth it unless I get paid way more and I suppose that I could choose my prices, but I just dont want to put in the effort! They're so much work involved and unless Im making A LOT of money, I would hire an assistant to do all my promoted and dealing with the client. Or course I'd be present in these meetings just so the client could get used to who I am. I just find the whole process really exhausting.

Now here's one Ive been thinking about for a long long time. Probably since I was 5 years old! This is a good start, huh? Well. I've never really been serious about it. So now is the time to actually look into it. I mean. I have a little bit. I was talking to one of my coworkers about careers and she suggested me to be a teacher. It's decent pay, there's good benefits, I get the summer and winter and a little bit of the spring off. She had in mind the fact that I really want to be a mother someday. WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS? Woo hoo! Vacation! But also since I do like photography and dont like to do it all the time, I could shoot weddings in the summer time! That's the PERFECT TIME. Summer is wedding season!

I've also talked to my aunt and grandma since they've both been teachers and they didnt give me many pros and more cons. Like dealing with bratty kids and bitchy parents, and the high stress levels, and that you dont ever stop working. But.. I really dont mind so much because it would be working with kids.. which is what I'd like to do. Im helping people. I know about different personalities of teachers and what I'd like my teacher style to sort of be like. Im just not sure about the whole thing over all. But it think before I make a decision, I should call my local colleges and universities about going to school again and updating my classes. I would also like to talk to some American teachers because Im sure the way teaching goes down there is significantly different than up here in Canada and let's face it, Im going to live in California someday. That's where I'll be using my career for sure.
 Ohhhh.. we'll see...

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